Family Services Coordinator




  • Over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry
  • A personal connection to our mission when a family member moved to be closer to medical care
  • Loves to hike with her dogs, read, and bake
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Email Jessica
Jessica brings over a decade of professional experience in hospitality and nonprofits to Hospitality Homes. She started her career as a housekeeping manager in a Boston area hotel, before taking various management roles at a boutique inn in Back Bay. Along the way she discovered her passion for giving visitors to the city a “home away from home and leveraging her fluency in Spanish.” She then pivoted careers to begin work as a Housing Advocate at HomeStart, a  housing agency in Boston, where she realized her future would be working in nonprofits. Hospitality Homes offered her the perfect opportunity to work with her passions and utilize all her experience.
Jessica knows the struggles that families face when dealing with medical treatments and emergencies after her aunt was diagnosed with cancer and ended up moving to Philadelphia to be closer to her treatment hospital, though this meant leaving her extended family behind. She feels incredibly lucky to be able to help families facing similar situations. When she is not at work, Jessica loves to hike with her dogs, read, and bake. Contact Jessica by email
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