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  • Is a Hospitality Homes Host
  • Is a parent of a chronically ill kid
  • Helped to create a cartoon for sick and scared kids in the hospital
  • [email protected]

Darcy Daniels is passionate about family centered care. She is the mother of two daughters, one of whom is chronically ill, and had to repeatedly travel to Boston from their home in Vermont to receive medical care. Once she moved to Massachusetts, Darcy served on the Family Advisory Council at Massachusetts General Hospital, and has spoken at Grand Rounds on topics such as family centered care, communication, and the healing power of journalling. She is often one of the first people that new pediatric residents meet when they start at Mass General, when she speaks to them about the importance of transparency in communication. She has also helped to train Mass General staff on the difference between being polite and helpful.

Darcy and her daughter have created a welcome video to pediatric patients who arrive at the Emergency Department at Massachusetts General Hospital called “You Are Here: Wendy’s Welcome to the ED.”

Darcy also writes a blog about parenting a chronically ill kid called Brave Fragile Warriors. Her writing has been featured in parenting blogs such as Bundoo, The Mighty, and Today’s Kids in Motion, as well as Chicken Soup for the Soul and the New York Times bestselling book, The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath. She and her daughter Wendy recently contributed to a book set to be published in 2022 on pediatric pain.

Darcy loves to travel, especially with her family. She has a vegetable garden that she has mixed success with. She is often reading two books at a time, an upstairs book and a downstairs book. She loves to cook but doesn’t like leftovers, so she often gives them away to neighbors. Like her grandmother, Darcy often wins random prizes in lotteries and raffles. She teaches yoga and is an adjunct professor of history. She lives with her husband Michael, daughters Wendy and Penny, cats Sunny and Luna, and dog Pepper.

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