IMPORTANT: We are still placing families in need on a case by case basis using our locations that have separate/independent access and discounted accommodation. 


Helpful Resources


Boston-Specific Resources:


Boston Health Advocates — A team of physicians on your side, advocating for you and your family in times of unexpected, complex, or long-term illness. 

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

The website of the "T" provides maps and schedules for Boston-area public transportation. — Updated flight departure and arrival information at Boston's Logan International Airport.


Useful Nonprofit Links

The Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. (HHN) is a nationwide professional association of nearly 200 unique, nonprofit organizations that provide lodging and support services to patients, families and their loved ones who are receiving medical treatment far from their home communities.

Provides a variety of services to those seeking a way to travel long-distances for specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. National Patient Travel Helpline: 1-800-296-1217 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 

Patient Airlift Services arranges free air transportation based on need to individuals requiring medical care and for other humanitarian purposes. PALS has a network of volunteer pilots who provide this service without reimbursement or compensation, using their own or rented aircraft. In no case are fees of any kind charged for these services. 

Generally, the individuals who utilize PALS have limited financial resources or are receiving diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up for various types of acute or chronic illnesses or conditions that make it either financially impossible or otherwise unfeasible to use public commercial or private charter transportation. To request a flight, contact PALS at (888)818-1231 or

Boston Cancer Support is a non-profit in Massachusetts that was created for all who have been touched by cancer-whether you’re a patient, friend, caregiver, or healthcare provider. They function both online and within communities. The web presence provides information at the state, region, city and town level, such as financial aid opportunities for prescription drugs, prosthetics, and respite care for caregivers. In addition, there are resources for palliative care, clinical trials, free or subsidized lodging, support groups to fit various needs, and more.

Boston Cancer Support also runs a Collective Impact Program called The CancerCollaborative™, which brings together support-based organizations within the same community to discuss how they can avoid functioning in silos, best work together, and sustain collaboration. Boston Cancer is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.