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Guest Story: Brian, TeeCie and Foxx Brown

Brian, TeeCie and Foxx Brown

We discovered early in our pregnancy that our baby had a congenital heart defect that probably would require open-heart surgery shortly after birth. We immediately began our search for surgeons that could repair his defect, which led us to the physicians at Boston Children’s Hospital.

"Not only were these doctors experienced in correcting the type of defect our baby had, but they also were pioneering new approaches that were less invasive and had better long-term results. We knew right away that these were the most capable hands to repair our baby’s heart.

However, when we began planning our temporary relocation from Virginia to Boston, we quickly realized how expensive Boston’s hotels were during baseball season. The hotel lodging and parking, combined with impending medical bills, would have put us in a financial hole that was so deep that we were concerned about our ability to pay our bills after we returned home.

Fortunately, we heard about the program administered by Hospitality Homes and immediately applied for lodging. We were elated to hear that a family was willing to open their home to us, but we had no idea how much we would enjoy our stay! The hostess, her mother, and their friendly family dog made us feel right at home from the very first day. We took walks together, picked the garden, shared stories and experiences that influenced our lives, and laughed a lot during our stay. Though we were only there for two short months, the friendship we developed with our Hospitality Homes host family will last a lifetime. We absolutely could not have asked for a more supportive and pleasant host family and environment in the weeks preceding our child’s birth and the stressful weeks following his surgery.

Not only was our host family amazing, but the Hospitality Homes staff also went above and beyond to make our stay a positive experience. Staff members made me feel welcome by extending an invitation to attend a social event that took place shortly after my arrival and sent me a thoughtful “congratulations” card to celebrate the birth of our son. The staff even passed along tickets to a Red Sox game that were donated and went out of their way to provide parking close to the stadium so that I did not have to waddle very far. This kindness made my heart smile, and OH what a wonderful experience!

I cannot express how fortunate we feel to have had the opportunity to get to know the amazing people that are the backbone of Hospitality Homes.

I look forward to telling our son the story of his birth and how the remarkable people at Hospitality Homes helped ensure his safe arrival into this world. Thank you for making all of our hearts happy!"

Brian, TeeCie and Foxx Brown