IMPORTANT: We are still placing families in need on a case by case basis using our locations that have separate/independent access and discounted accommodation. 


Guest Stories

Guest Stories

Hospitality Homes Guests come from all over the United States as well as X number of foreign countries. Many economic backgrounds are represented and housing is provided for free through Hospitality Homes.

Who ARE our guests?

Hospitality hosts do not provide meals or transportation.  A few of them live within walking distance of the major hospitals; most live in ares with access to public transportation (subway or buses).  Hospitality Homes charges no fees.  We rely on donations from guests and others to sustain the program. 

Hospitality Homes is avaliable to people of all races, nationalities, and faiths, provide the guest:

  • Lives far enough away from the hospital so that commuting is difficult. 
  • Can provide help translating if English is not the first language of the family members.
  • Has a permanent home to return to.
  • Is an important support person for the patient.
  • Is not likely to put the host family at risk

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