Guest Story: Mary and Mike McConnell, Brookline, MA. Hosts since 1989

Mary and Mike McConnell, Brookline, MA. Hosts since 1989

The McConnells have been part of Hospitality Homes for more than 25 years, hosting guests from around the world, throughout the United States, and from here in Massachusetts.

“We first heard about Hospitality Homes when our friends encouraged us to try it.  Our first family was an Ecuadorian Indian dad and son who helped us put up our Christmas tree and charmed us thoroughly. We have had a mom waiting to give birth to twins from Nantucket, and a mom with triplet boys from Tanzania! We have had folks stay for a night, and folks stay for three months! We have had as young as a newborn and people in their 90's...and all have given us precious moments to appreciate. Learning something about each guest blesses us, and in turn we always learn something about ourselves in the process. We love sharing our home, and being the sounding board for caregivers returning in the evening from the hospital,  offering  a listening ear and some encouragement. We could describe our Hospitality Homes experience as transforming...we have been able to see the world through the eyes of those who suffer, and those who care for the suffering. We could describe it as gratifying...being able to support those who need it, right when they need it!  And we would describe it as world-expanding...we have friends on every continent except for Antarctica and Australia who have stayed in our home!

Our favorite HH story took place about ten years ago: I was returning home from visiting my husband in Chicago where he was working temporarily, and got to talking with a young mother and baby who were sitting in front of me on the plane. She told me it was her first time flying, and she was nervous because her baby was to have surgery in Boston. I, of course, asked if she had a place to stay in Boston, thinking I could hook her up with Hospitality Homes if she didn't. "Yes, Ma'am, we have a place to stay!" she said. "We're staying with the McConnells in Brookline!"  We had a good laugh over that, and when we landed shared a cab Homw to our house. Serendipity!"