Guest Story: Linda and Barry Nelson, Newton, MA. Hosts since 1994

Linda and Barry Nelson, Newton, MA. Hosts since 1994

Like all good parents, Barry and Linda Nelson wanted to teach their young son about sharing. And they wanted to teach him through deeds, not just words.

After reading about Hospitality Program (its name at the time) in Barry’s college's newspaper; the Nelsons signed up to be Hospitality Homes hosts. That was about 20 years ago, in 1994. Barry estimates that since then he and his family have hosted more than 100 Hospitality Homes guests in their Newton home.

“It has been tremendously rewarding, with very little effort from us. We’ve had all kinds of guests- some we hardly knew were here, and others we enjoyed getting to know- sometimes joyful and sometimes sad but always an opportunity to meet people with very different backgrounds and to help them. We once had a guest for three months and our son loved it; it was like having a grandmother in the house”