Guest Story: Judy Chasin, Brookline, MA. Host since 2008

Judy Chasin, Brookline, MA. Host since 2008

Judy has been a volunteer host since 2008. Since then she has hosted more than thirty-five guests and provided 133 nights of housing for individuals from eleven different states. She is also member of the Board of Directors.

“I learned of Hospitality Homes from a friend who was already hosting.  Whenever I visited her home, she had a story to tell about the house guests she was hosting at the time.  I decided that I could do it as well and so began my journey with hosting Hospitality Homes guests.

When asked to describe her experience as a host in three words Judy says:“Empathy, appreciation, greater awareness of the fragility of life…I have met some wonderful, appreciative families and feel good that I can do a small part to make them comfortable in a home environment.  Everyone has a story to tell and I have been exposed to many people whom I would never have otherwise met. It is a gift”