Guest Story: Betty and Cyrus, Waban, MA. Hosts since 2007

Betty and Cyrus, Waban, MA. Hosts since 2007

Betty learned about Hospitality Homes in 2004, nine months after her husband passed away.

“I was left with a large, four bedroom Victorian house and I wanted to find a way to 'use' it to help others. I remembered hearing about a program that offered housing during medical emergencies and went to my computer. Even in that early era of the internet, it only took me about 5 minutes to locate the Hospitality Homes website. I was invited to the downtown office for a ‘Prospective Host Orientation’- and the rest is history. I recall quite clearly that I hosted my first guests in April of 2004” When Betty downsized from the big Victorian house, she made a priority to have a comfortable space for guests - her own family and friends and Hospitality Homes guests.  

“In 2007, I met the wonderful man who is now my husband, and as our relationship deepened I made it clear that hosting Hospitality Homes guests was "part of the package" he would get if he 'took me on'. He accepted that proviso with a warm and open heart! Hosting is satisfying, mind-stretching, and helpful. I tell other people that this is the easiest way ever to feel that you are truly making a positive, significant contribution to help ease the stress for families and in exchange, you get a heart-full of wonderful experiences with brave and strong people.  Being an ego-centric sort, I must say that hosting  families who have been hit by major illness 'out of the blue'  makes me ever more grateful- deeply and broadly grateful- for all the 'ordinary things' in my life. My three kids and six grandkids were all born healthy. My awareness of the gift and joy of having an 'ordinary life' is multiplied every time we share our home with Hospitality Homes guests.”