Guest Story: Anu Advani, Brookline, MA. Host since 2010

Anu Advani, Brookline, MA. Host since 2010

“I learned about Hospitality Homes from a host who had been hosting for a number of years and always said what a humbling and fulfilling experience it was. I had the space and decided to make the leap. I have never regretted that decision."

"I have been hosting since 2010 and have hosted guests from China to Maine. I have hosted Mandarin speakers and Spanish speakers. I have hosted grandparents, parents, spouses, partners and children. I have hosted a fireman and his wife from Maine, a daughter who put her life on hold and spent three months with me while her mom went through surgery and rehab. I could go on forever! 

Everyone has been so grateful to have a stress free environment to come to after a long day at the hospital with their loved one. I have received many blessings, good wishes and invitations to guest's homes. I am grateful that I can provide this facility and proud that such an organization exists in my home town! I would highly recommend becoming a host!”