Celebrating National Volunteer Week

This week of volunteer appreciation couldn’t have come at a more poignant time. On the day of the Boston Marathon, our staff was watching the combination of euphoria with determination on the faces of so many runners as they climbed that home stretch on Beacon Street. We cheered for all walks of life, each stride, every push forward. We cheered in encouragement, we cheered in awe, we cheered in appreciation.

We cheer now in the same fashion for our hosts. We cheer for each new host who has chosen Hospitality Homes as the recipients of their generosity. We cheer in awe of the strength, patience and sensitivity you have shown every family who you have welcomed into your home. And we cheer in appreciation for your steadfast presence and ongoing dedication to our program.

For every family traveling to Boston for medical treatment, finding a comfortable and affordable place to stay is much like that final mile of any race. They have made it almost all the way, they have hurdled over check-ups and tests, past insurance issues and travel arrangements, carry with them stress and exhaustion. Housing is that finally hurdle, that last mile, before they can get the care they need. Our hosts are what make that final stretch possible. They provide a home away from home. They are the finish line.

Sometimes it can seem like a scary world out there, but when we realize the community and camaraderie that surrounds us, it can shed light on just how fortunate we are. This National Volunteer Week, we remember and honor the power of our collective volunteer community. Volunteering takes courage and creativity. Imaginativeness and innovation. Patience and perseverance. Thank you to our hosts for every element of your thoughtfulness. We are stronger because of you.

To see the video that accompanies this text please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZcXZjzkrjs&feature=youtu.be